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      083011 HAIKUESDAY #27

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      hurricane irene 82411 MORE LIKE HURRI UP, IRENE!

      As the panic over Hurricane Irene reaches a fever pitch, it’s easy to see why fear mongering is such a useful tactic for the Republican party and Jewish mothers. While most people are out trying to barter for that last 6-pack of Samuel Adams Octoberfest (face it, Summer is technically over), we here at Th.Ch.Thr just want to remind you that in all likelihood you’re going to be just fine. You’re just gonna have to stay in your apartment and put your ADHD in check for a while. The waiting doesn’t HAVE to be the hardest part, though. Here are 10 tips for surviving the boredom that accompanies waiting for the eventual letdown of an uneventful storm. Read more »

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      080211 HAIKUESDAY #23

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      It’s a full moon in Bon Temps and everybody is getting a dose of the unexpected in episode six, “I Wish I Was The Moon” of True Blood season four. Arnold the armadillo is okay. Just wanted to get that out of the way. You looked worried.


      Things kick off with Bill barging in and busting up Sookie and Eric’s private makeout party. Eric has Bill in a chokehold, ready to snap him in half, when Sookie reminds informs him that King Buzzkill is his King. When Eric takes a knee, calls Bill his “liege” and asks for forgiveness, you can actually see Bill’s brain melting inside his head.
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      Each week we take a look at a forgotten actor from TV or film. This week it’s a distinguished member of my late 90′s spank bank. You may remember her from her reoccurring role on California Dreams or her starring role on Unhappily Ever After, but to me she’s just the aptly named Nikki Cox.

      Nikki Cox OH THAT GIRL: NIKKI COX Read more »

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      072611 HAIKUESDAY #22

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      Episode five, “Me And The Devil” of True Blood season four aired on HBO last night and I’ve gotta say, it’s probably my favorite episode of the season so far.


      Man. So much happens.
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      I’m trying to approach this organically and post about people who have crossed my mind in recent days. I hate to say that this character has totally been on my mind. John Wayne Bobbitt, the victim of penile amputation back in 1993. Why was he on my mind? Because there was a recent news story that was similar but worse!

      custom 1253623742313 51607188 OH THAT GUY: JOHN WAYNE BOBBITT
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      071911 HAIKUESDAY #21

      Do you take the stairs and wade slowly into the water? Do you dive right in only to pop up, barfing water and holding back fuckwords because the water is so cold? Do you pee in the pool? Come on, yes you do. Do you have a pool? Geez, what are you some kind of rich guy? Can we come over?

      What’s that suntan lotion you’re wearing? It smells familiar. Coconuts… No. I think… yes! It’s smells like Haiku. Duh. You’ve got one in you. Lay it down in the comments sections and let’s see if we can’t get it some color.

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      Each week we take a look at a forgotten actor from TV or film. This week it’s everybody’s favorite goofball Harry Goaz (aka Deputy Andy Brennan from Twin Peaks).

      deputy andy OH THAT GUY: DEPUTY ANDY
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