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      083011 HAIKUESDAY #27

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      Our precious vampire baby, Cafe Bloodbath, made it into the 2011 New York Television Festival and we couldn’t be more proud. To celebrate, we thought it would be a good idea to show you the second episode we made. Sound good? Great.

      Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, kindly press your eyes up against the screen. It’s episode #2 of Cafe Bloodbath, “Birfday Cake.”

      If you like it, let us know. You can Like it here in front of all your internet friends. Maybe they’ll actually be impressed for once.

      And if for some crazy reason, you still haven’t seen the Cafe Bloodbath pilot episode, “Mega-Burrito” then you should do yourself (and us) a favor and check it out. Like right now.

      TIP OR DIE.

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      Hurricane Irene came and went, the power stayed on and I was able to catch episode ten of True Blood season four, “Burning Down The House.” Everybody’s drawing lines or forgiving each other, and sometimes a little bit of both…


      Last time we saw the gang all hell was breaking loose. It still is. Marnonia is mind-controlling vampires, Eric is trying to kill Bill, and Roy is still a total dick. Eventually Eric uses his berzerker vampire strength and he gets Bill in his clutches, ready to stake the shit out of him. But just before he can go through with it, Sookie panics and more crazy fairy light shoots out of her and (voila!) breaks the spell on Eric, returning his murder-machine memories. Finally.
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      hurricane irene 82411 MORE LIKE HURRI UP, IRENE!

      As the panic over Hurricane Irene reaches a fever pitch, it’s easy to see why fear mongering is such a useful tactic for the Republican party and Jewish mothers. While most people are out trying to barter for that last 6-pack of Samuel Adams Octoberfest (face it, Summer is technically over), we here at Th.Ch.Thr just want to remind you that in all likelihood you’re going to be just fine. You’re just gonna have to stay in your apartment and put your ADHD in check for a while. The waiting doesn’t HAVE to be the hardest part, though. Here are 10 tips for surviving the boredom that accompanies waiting for the eventual letdown of an uneventful storm. Read more »

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      cheapshots2 CHEAP SHOTS EP. #24

      When Matt brings an uninvited guest to join the podcast in Rob’s absence, I am angry and embittered.


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      Usually my mixes are just an awesome collection of amazing tunes with a loose theme stringing them together. That’s all well and good, but this week I wanted to push the boundaries just a bit. In doing so, I have created what I believe to be my magnum opus. It is a “concept mix”, which is to say it sets a tone and follows a narrative. Please join me on the journey of the Stranger in a Strange Land.

      2505060203 8d6d1d088e THRSDAY MIX: STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND Read more »

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      As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m a sucker for a beautiful woman. Everyone should know this by now. Today I’d like to highlight the most beautiful girl I sort of know. Her name is Carmen, she goes by Garms, she’s a West Coast actress/model and she’s hands down the most adorable thing short of a female Care Bear wearing a male Care Bear’s button down shirt the morning after they fuck.

      tumblr levzmvhFkq1qzi6z7o1 500 STRANGERS THINGS ARE HAPPENING #9 Read more »

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      Bill Murray and Bill Murray walk in to a bar. One of these Bill Murrays is Bill Murray Then and the other Bill Murray is Bill Murray Now. Both want to order a drink. It’s a tough one, but if you’re the bartender how do you decide whose drink order you take first? Which Bill Murray is more awesome than the other Bill Murray? Let’s mark the cut-off point at Rushmore.

      vs 04 WHO WOULD WIN?

      Things to consider:
      • Bill Murray Then was on SNL before it got lazy.
      • Bill Murray Now is in just about every Wes Anderson movie.
      • Bill Murray Then was in Groundhog Day AND Scrooged.
      Get Low looks very awesome.
      • Doctor Peter Venkman.
      • Bill Murray Now has range. And a kick-ass beard.

      I realize I’m probably in the minority on this one but Bill Murray Now gets my vote. Bill Murray Now has to deal with living up to the awesomeness of Bill Murray Then and he totally nails it. And makes it look way easy.

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      082311 HAIKUESDAY #26

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      Hey there! It’s Rob here. I know I know you guys love Matt’s recaps but he’s not in town right now! I’m doing True Blood Recaps today! Mahahaha. Let’s begin.
      Episode nine of True Blood season four, “Let’s Get Out of Here” aired last night and the episode began and ended with the same thing. People Running!

      tblood TRUE BLOOD RECAP: RUN!

      Sookie is knocked out and looks like she’s being saved by Alcide, but watch out! Here comes Bill with a scoop up and vampire speed to save the day!
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