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      Fuck everything else that happened on last night’s episode of Ax Men. There’s only one thing worth talking about: SHELBY. STANGA. IS. MARRIED. We’ve always been led to believe that Shelby is some sort of protohuman relic of a land time forgot, untethered by the rules and routines of modern society. The Shelby I know wouldn’t even date a woman much less marry her. I imagine him hog-tying women in the parking lot of the local Piggly Wiggly and then taking them back to his trailer in a burlap sack where he proceeds to make them pop balloons between their legs while wearing Raquel Welch’s One Million Years BC outfit. Apparently, that’s not the case. Apparently Shelby has been married to a sweet little woman named Donna for the past 10 years, and while he jokes about shooting her between the eyes, they appear to be a lovely couple.

      Screenshot2011 04 11at92215PM SHELBYS BETTER HALF

      After Shelby’s friend Mike bails on him, he is forced to bring his wife along to help score a difficult log. Of course, Donna was born in the city and doesn’t share Shelby’s appreciation for snakes, alligators and recklessly taking sharp turns at high speeds. Much like last week, Shelby finds his patience being tested by the incessant yapping of a woman who has little to offer in the way of logging expertise. After finding the log he is looking for, an excited Shelby goes in for a kiss from Donna but is disappointed to get her cheek. His feelings are easily hurt, but luckily Piss Willy is there to give him the love and affection he needs.

      Screenshot2011 04 11at100230PM SHELBYS BETTER HALF

      Now that we’ve gotten a glimpse into Shelby’s personal life, I can’t help but want to know more. Do Shelby and Donna have any children? How did they meet? Does Piss Willy sleep in the bed with them? Please stop fucking around with all these other crews and just give us the Shelby Stanga show that answers all these questions. I guess the best we can hope for at this point is that all the other morons kill themselves off until Swamp Man is the only logger left on the show to film. Fingers crossed.

      ps: Shelby finally did get the kiss he wanted, and he didn’t even have to hog-tie her.

      Screenshot2011 04 11at93720PM SHELBYS BETTER HALF


      1. This changes everything. I more unanswered questions now than I did after the LOST finale.

      2. Dude, I am waging a campaign to run Piss Willy for President and I need ya’lls help. I have gone so far as to even move down to Louisiana and actually live with Shelby now. TV can’t do justice for the real life drama that occurs on a daily basis. Holler back at me and I will send ya’ll some shirts.

        Piss on em all.

        Piss Willy for President!

      3. Chris, we DEFINITELY want to help. send an email to and we can give you an address and sizes. HERE WE GO!

      4. David Jones, on May 19th, 2012 at 12:49 pm

        I most certainly agree. The swamp man needs his own show. The antics of all the others get old real quick. Shelby, you rule the show. I hope the log raft you have found turns out to be your retirement.

      5. shit no piss yes willy for president!!!!

      6. Piss Willy would be a much better president than the idiots currently running. Please e-mail and I will join your campaign.

      7. Shelby is a true American? Lol, what?

        Do true Americans wear ladies pants and ladies underwear? Shelby’s not a true American, but a true redneck.

      8. I LLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOVVVVEEEEEE Shelby he makes the whole show. You ROck OnShelby

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      10. I think any man willing to be in his comfort zone and wear panties if he chooses is a good man in my book, as long as they are not stealing others and broadcasting their likes to others

      11. Chuck Andrews, on January 7th, 2013 at 6:53 am

        When Shelby said, “My JEHOVAH’S WITNESS WIFE” in the episode that aired on Jaunary 6, 2012 was he making an accurate statement? Jehovah’s Witnesses do come from all walks of life. Donna is not near as “rough around the edges” as those 2 women he took logging with him. Does the presence of the camera crew prevent any Hanky Panky between Shelby and those 2 women he logs with? Shelby has a very shapely wife, even if she is a sister who praises Jehovah.

      12. Chuck,
        Donna is indeed a witness,and has been for quite
        some time. She and I go back as far as high school,and she is a great person. She is not rough around the edges…born & raised in Metairie..nothing as you see on the show. She was a wild child in the 60′s & 70′s & we had some great times with mutual friends back in the day. I will always remember those days fondly…she was & is a sincere person & friend !


      14. hey let shelby run for president i mean he would straight shit up in a heart beat.Im from sweden and see shelby is one cool dude

      15. Shelby reminds me of a Navy Seal I know who was in A-Shau Valley, Vietnam as a “Game Warden”. You would not want to wander into his area of operation.

        Rich was a real guy’s guy. All the people just knew he would have the hot chick at the end of the day-and he usually did!

        Where did individualism and guts go? They are still there and that is why this is a good show and Shelby is a cool guy!

      16. lori&Dave farris, on August 6th, 2013 at 10:04 pm

        Just wanted to let u all know we love Shelby and Donna,pleaseshow more of Donna Stanga,on the show that is.lollol

      17. To the person above that asked about the women Shelby logs with, they are said to be his cousins…so…probably not.

      18. So many questions??? Does Shelby’s wife live with him on the houseboat? Do they have any children? Etc…

      19. What happened to Donna?

      20. What happen to wife Donna

      21. shelby looks like a show dog looking to make his millions on tv not logging. A lot of the stuff you can tell is made up for cheap thrills including the part about him being in a shack at the start by himself which is where you and the rest of us got that idea it all to sell a tv show, it got wore out so they bought out his wife and you are now seeing he not some poor guy living in a one room shack in pain on the swap and the camera man telling him to go to the doctor, no shelby a guy buying tractors and boats and custom built pirate ship for 60k to 100k , stuff most of us middle class people afford and in one he was paying cash,. This show should be called Holleywood Shelby. its a fad that will wear thin in time.

      22. Is Shelby still married? We haven’t seen Donna on the new show…

      23. Don apparently u weren’t paying attention…. he didn’t pay cash for his equipment or the house boat. He earned the 14000 for big enough down payment to get all of it. And same for his house boat. Paid a down payment and has a loan that has to be paid back. Lol

      24. Christy Kimble, on August 18th, 2013 at 10:39 am

        For those people who are dumb saying stuff about Shelby not being a true american being a true redneck wth you think a rednecks are americans duh. Most rednecks live in america I mean really. And for the ones saying the show is fake well alot of shows have fake stuff on it. But for one shelby really does live in a house boat in Louisiana that is pretty much what alot of people live in. Except the ones in the city.

      25. I too would like to know if
        donna is still with shelby, why ain’t she living on that dang pirate boat? don’t see no donna stuff no wheres, don’t see donna cooking no supper, or even donna excited to see it when he brung it home.

      26. Tonights show I heard him say he had been married 4 times yall and his last wife “Last Wife was so short she could sme” I wont type the rest soo sounds like he and Donna split. To bad.

      27. I wonder who was messing with Him on his new boat Im sure there are a set of controls down in the engine bay. Film crew mabe?You guys take it easy on him with the ghost stuff That mans got enough to worry bout without yall being goober hulls. I must admit at first on axe men I didnt care to much for Ol Shelby cause of how he kept hurtin helpers. Yall the man hit everything in that boat but the water LMAO. But I now see that he has a big heart and truely felt bad about it and isnt makeing himself up for the show. Yall remember most trips to the E.R. start with “Yall watch this”Glad he got his own show cause towards the end I found on Axe men the rest of the crews were like comercials for Shelby anyhow. Yall we all knew what them crews were gonna do hmmm we are gonna cut trees and log Next week guess what we are gonna cut trees and log some more. But with Shelby the getting there was fun to watch as was the gettin home never a dull moment

      28. I heard the same thing on the show that he had been married 4x who knows whos #5……did he and donna split?so sad if so I loved them together.also does he really not feed piss willie dog food at all and make him hunt his own?and did he ever get complete treatment and heartworm prevention for the future?sorry I used to be a vet tech lol.

      29. Love Shelby, would love to meet him one day. Really a down to earth sweet heart. <3

      30. I love Shelby!!!!!

      31. WHERE IS DONNA?

      32. Jimmy watson, on August 27th, 2013 at 5:55 pm

        my bucket list…..#1 Meet and hang out with shelby stanga.

      33. would love to meet Mr. Shelby and get some time to spend with him. I love shooting guns and love jet boats. Just a country girl myself!

      34. Robin Rainbow, on August 29th, 2013 at 12:07 am

        Come On Guys!!!!!
        Somebody Out there’s got to know what’s up between Shelb and Donna!!!! Please do Tell…… (:

      35. JOHN…. YOU AN ASS HOLE

      36. Love the show. Hope all is good with Donna.

      37. Answer the G_ _ darn question. Does Shelby have kids???????

      38. Shelby n Donna split up. He’s been messing around with a girl Nicole B. for the last few months.

      39. I think he’s funny and he loves life, BUT being married seems a stretch. He has grandkids doesn’t he? Did they appear out of thin air? Doubt it.

        Though I will say if Donna had the guts to marry him, it would be stupid to leave when he has his own show. $$$$$$$.

      40. Leave them alone and let them live there lives.Piss Willie for president.

      41. You rock shelby your hillarious

      42. Hi I just love mr.shelby he is a hoot , oh and lil willy us to adorable. PISS WILLY FOR PRESIDENT. KEEP ROCKIN ON SHELBY WE LOVE YA.a fan sharon

      43. Hi mr Shelby I think u are a hoot and I just love lil oh Willy.keep rockin on we love ya Shelby. PISS WILLY FOR PRESIDENT !!!! With love a fan sharon

      44. You keep logging Shelby!!! U r 1crazyyy guy!!!
        Are u separated really from little Donna!! That’s a mistake
        Take it from 1 who has made that!!! Piss willy for
        President!!! Yea better then what we have now!

      45. roger del rio, on December 17th, 2013 at 6:23 pm

        Shelby if you have split with Donna, please email info on how to contact this hot gorgeus lady, go willy.

      46. My husband and I watch Shelby. My husband is an amputee and a tramatic brain injury patient. Watching his show makes him laugh though. Hid passion is being a musician amd has written over 200 songs. He wrote asong Rodeo for a movie called dhut up and ride and has decided to write one for Shelby. He would lo e to meet him and set down redneck to redneck
        Please contact us at website and I will email phone number back. Thank you Shelby for making Tommy laugh again and giving him a reason to write music again. You and yours are wooharewego AWESOME and we love little RJ too.

      47. Aww so sad to hear you and Lil Donna seperated. Love your show Shelby you make me laugh i especially love the episode when your boat took off with piss willie in it. You really crack me up when you bring your cousin Belinda aboard your boat OMG love to hear you make fun of her she is something else. i never miss a show. I am sad to hear about you and Donna though seemed like she really kept you in check. but it;s all good you seem to be living the dream. congrats. I would love to go out on the swamp with you and piss Willie anytime…
        Lori S. from Norwalk, CA

      48. Love the show and I love to hear Shelby talk. My dream is to meet him and help him log. :) ).
        I’m from south MS and love the swamp.

      49. Hi shelby , I love. Watching. You. On. Ax men. wish. Your weren’t. Married. I would love to get to. Know you.!! If. You want you can email me .back. and. I would love to go logging with you. Anytime !!

      50. Hey Shelby , if. You are not with anyone. You canesshout me an email back. If. You want keep. Up with the good work !! Love you show and would love to get to know you !!

      51. Gary Hanlon, on April 2nd, 2014 at 8:30 am


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